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Our work is demanding, challenging, thrilling, high-profile and involves extremely talented clients from businesses in all industries and sectors. Working in this environment will stretch your intellect and make you more than just a lawyer.

Quality is about attracting the best applicants and helping them develop to their full potential as lawyers. We see it as a virtuous circle: if we train the best lawyers, we can continue to undertake the highest quality work for the highest quality clients which in turn helps us attract the highest quality applicants.

That’s why we try to filter as much work and responsibility down from the partners as possible. We believe it’s the best way for our younger lawyers to learn and to develop.

A firm with its doors open

It’s part of the firm’s culture. If you have a question or need some insight into a problem, you can walk through anybody’s door and get some answers. It’s an ethos we work very hard to maintain.

There is one thing that we cannot teach our lawyers, however, and that is intelligence. So we look for candidates who are naturally bright. You will need a strong academic record. You will need to be motivated and ambitious. Above all, you must want to learn.

The kind of work you will do is not restricted by the year you qualified. If you are capable of doing the work, we let you get on with it - giving you all the support and training you need along the way.

It means there are more opportunities to do interesting work, more opportunities to grow as a lawyer, more opportunity for client contact, and more responsibility at an early stage of your career.

Leading from day one

Our lawyers need to be comfortable as leaders, too. You need to be able to galvanise and collaborate with your colleagues, and take the initiative when required. We work in small teams and across practice areas. We try and maintain a culture where everyone knows what everyone else is working on and feels free to help.

It’s a much more collaborative approach, which means we need people who can work well in teams and who treat one another with respect - at both junior and senior levels.

Kirkland & Ellis rewards people who are keen to learn, who are prepared to ask for work rather than waiting for it to land on their desk. It’s a more proactive approach to getting assignments, developing relationships and asking for advice. And it’s one we encourage.

Meet the people

Sarah Jordan and Andrej Wolf
Sarah Jordan and Andrej Wolf
Graduate Recruitment Partners

Trainees at Kirkland & Ellis seize the opportunity to take ownership of every task and make things happen for their clients and team. We reward them with real responsibility...