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Success In Multiple Practice Areas

We have the largest dedicated private equity practice in the market and that includes the largest sponsor-side debt finance group in Europe. Kirkland is the only firm in the European market to act for such a diverse mix of top European private equity and financial investor clients on multiple deals across multiple sectors and geographies, supported by a deep bench of lawyers whose sole focus is advising sponsors and their portfolio companies. All trainees complete seats in our corporate/M&A and debt finance departments as well as two other complementary practice areas.

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Awards & Recognitions

Trophy Cup

LawCareers.Net – Best Trainer – US Firm in the City

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Lex 100 – Quality of Work 2018/2019

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Lex 100 – Living Up To Expectations 2018/2019

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Lex 100 – Financial Remuneration 2018/2019