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Kirkland & Ellis Talent, drive, enthusiasm. That’s what makes a Kirkland lawyer.


During the first weeks at Kirkland, all trainees participate in an induction process that introduces them to every department we have. Our aim is to ease you into working life and integrate you into the firm. Everyone will be aware of your arrival and will be looking forward to meeting you. You’re seen as a valuable new resource for partners and associates to draw on – something you need to live up to.

Over the next four months there are lunchtime training sessions for you to participate in, which cover different aspects of each practice area. These are delivered by partners and are the more formalised part of our training programme. They give you valuable grounding in the practice areas that you may experience during your seat rotations.

The opportunities to play to your interests are enormous and the self-starters we’re looking for will always be talking to associates and partners about the projects going on and the work they can get involved in.

Your supervisor in each seat will help you control your workload so you can deliver on all of the responsibilities you’re eager to fulfil. A desire for responsibility is one of the common threads amongst Kirkland trainees. We’re a firm that’s happy to give it to you based on your proven ability to deliver. With our mid and end of seat reviews we give you feedback on your development and the opportunity to develop and mould your capabilities and approach in response.

Feedback is a two-way street, however. An important cultural aspect of our firm is the dialogue we encourage. Doors are always open to trainees who have ideas and initiatives they want to put forward and our non-hierarchical and meritocratic approach means great ideas will be responded to far quicker than they would be elsewhere. Our responsiveness is a key feature of our entrepreneurial culture.

We’re a firm that doesn’t stand still, always finding new and better ways to do things for the success of our clients, our firm and our people. So if you want opportunities in abundance, have the confidence and drive to act on them yourself, and have the personal skills you need to build a network and become part of the team, Kirkland is a place you will flourish without question.

Awards & Recognitions

LawCareers.Net – Best Work Placement Scheme (Vacation Scheme) – City Firm 2020

Lex 100 – Overall job satisfaction 2020/2021

Lex 100 – Quality of work 2020/2021

Lex 100 – Approachability of supervisors 2020/2021